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How GPS Savvy Are You? Take Our GPS Quiz and Find Out

Just for fun, some gearheads here at REI put together a little GPS quiz to test your knowledge of these amazing handheld units and a few related devices such as satellite text messengers and personal locator beacons (PLBs). Fair warning: Among the 10 questions there are a few tricky ones, so don't assume that you'll ace this quiz! (If you do ace it, congratulations!)

REI GPS QuizBe sure to post your GPS quiz results to your Facebook page or email it to your friends. If this quiz proves popular, we'll look at doing others here on the REI Blog and our Facebook page.

 If you're in the market for a GPS receiver, take a look at the current selection of  GPS units at




Note: Image below is not clickable.


Posted on at 2:36 PM

Tagged: GPS, gps quiz, gps receivers, personal locator beacons, smartphone and spot satellite text messenger

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