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Our Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic Rest Stop: A Time-Lapse Video

Every year, REI headquarters in Kent, Wash., is the first food rest stop for the 10,000 riders of the 200-mile Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic (STP) put on by the Cascade Bicycle Club. It's a truly impressive sight to see that many riders (and nearly just as many different bikes), not to mention all the work that goes into organizing things. Big ups to all the volunteers!

Anyway, here's a little time-lapse video taken from around our rest stop—see if you can spot the Disco Wizard amidst the masses:

Here are some behind-the-scenes numbers that went into our rest stop this year:

132 volunteers
51 port-a-potties
4,000 Clif Mini Mojo bars
5,000 mini bottles of Odwalla juice
30 lbs. of peanut butter
30 lbs. of cream cheese
40 lbs. of bananas
70 lbs. of candy
5,100 tortilla rolls
5,040 mini bagels
10,000 orange slices
7 afro wigs
1 '70s disco spandex suit

Thank you, STP riders, for stopping by!

Posted on at 5:42 PM

Tagged: Cycling, STP, Seattle to Portland, Time-lapse, bicycle and video

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Magus Shadow

Disco Wizard, bottom right to bottom middle from 12-16 seconds. If that's not him, then someone tell him that hair and those glasses have got to go!

Do I get a prize? :-p

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