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Videos: What to Do on Your Next Trip to Vegas

At first glance, Las Vegas and REI may seem like polar opposites. One is glitzy and, uh, resource intensive; the other is outdoorsy and low impact.

But, get beyond the Strip and you'll soon discover that the Vegas area is actually a great outdoor gateway. Red Rock Canyon is a scenic treasure just west of town, Lake Mead is nearby and the amazing Zion National Park is an easy 3.5-hour drive away. REI has 2 stores in the area, the Boca Park and Henderson locations.

"Not many people realize that Las Vegas offers a multitude of beautiful desert and mountain lanscapes," notes Nikki Mashapure, REI Boca Park store manager. "We've got world-class climbing as well as hiking, mountain biking, skiing and scenic paddling opportunities." Nikki herself frequents Red Rock Canyon and high-elevation Mt. Charleston for her outdoor activities.

The REI video crew was in the area recently and joined a pair of local REI employees, Fran and Melissa, for their insider tips on where to go for a little natural fun via rock climbing and cycling.


The next time you're in town for a convention or vacation, be sure to set aside time for some outdoor fun. Or, if you're like a lot of folks I know, skip the Strip entirely and head straight for the hills.

Do you have any tips on great outdoor destinations near Las Vegas?

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I went out to Red Rock for spring break my junior year of college. When I told people I went to Vegas for climbing, they thought I was crazy, but came around after I showed them the beautiful photos. Definitely recommend for hiking, camping and climbing!!

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Just outside Las Vegas, the Colorado River travels through the Black Canyon. There are a number of good canoe & kayak outfitters that you can contact for either a day paddle or overnighter in the canyon. Gorgeous place, lots of hot springs for soaking in, side canyons to hike and climb in, and beauty to absorb. I never go all the way up to Las Vegas anymore, we just go canoe camping in the Canyon. It's a great weekend trip! But note, between Memorial Day and Labor Day, boats with motors and jet skis are allowed. It's much safer and more enjoyable to do this trip in the fall and winter!


Vegas is probably as good of a jumping-off point than anywhere else in the country. Pacific Ocean 4 hours one way, Grand Canyon 4 hours the other, Utah in less than 3, plenty of stuff within 45 minutes of the strip. Headed back again this Friday for 10 days and cannot wait.

Dug up this great article about 'outdoor' Vegas:


Excellent! Love the blog - you guys need to add "share" buttons so we can send this out via Twitter/Facebook etc.


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