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The Great American Backyard Campout Is Saturday, June 25

Hi, Early Squirrel here, spokescritter for the REI Family Adventure Program.

This week we're all scampering to get ready for Saturday's Great American Backyard Campout. Organized by the National Wildlife Federation, it's a night when thousands of families and neighbors across the country gather to have fun and sleep under the stars.

For me, the best thing about camping is making my special s'mores—"special" because the chocolate has to have nuts! Other families and kids I know like to spend their time in tents, playing flashlight games, reading books, or playing Crazy 8's and rummy.

Early's friend Rio BeaverAnyone can join the campout this Saturday—seasoned camper or not. (Need some how-to help? Check out the cache of tips in our Camping with Kids article.) That's my friend Rio Beaver at right, scouting a campsite farther from the grazing elk.

Where will you pitch your tent this Saturday? What games and activities will you play with family and friends?

Posted on at 5:28 PM

Tagged: Family & Car Camping, camping, family adventure program and great american backyard campout

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