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High-Altitude Fun: Teva Mountain Games Underway in Vail, Colo.

It's an event billed as "the country's largest celebration of adventure sports, music and the mountain lifestyle."  It's the 10th annual Teva Mountain Games now through Sunday, June 5, in the famed Colorado ski town of Vail. Are you going?

Ice carving in Vail Town SquareDan Holz from the REI Denver store is covering the games for the REI Blog. The following is his preview of what to expect this weekend:

The Teva Mountain Games are one of the few events that truly offer a little something for every outdoor enthusiast.  Here is a taste of what will be unleashed upon the mountains and rivers of Vail: 
• For the bikers, there are x-country, freeride and slopestyle competitions, as well as an epic road cycling event to behold. 
• If you're all about water sports, there are 8-Ball (full-contact kayaking!), sprint and extreme kayaking events (just in case the 8-Ball wasn't enough).  There will also be a raft cross, stand-up paddle sprint and surf cross. 
Climber Anna Stohr• If you're a rock monkey like me, you'll want to chalk up to see the World Cup Bouldering competition – the only world cup bouldering event on U.S. soil (that's Anna Stohr in the photo at left). 
• And for the rest of you who love to see a cardio battle royale, there are trail, mud and road running comps. 

Even Fido has a place here at the Teva games. With events such as the Speed Retrieve, Big Air WAVE and the Extreme Vertical, the hounds are out there to be more than just the "best in show." And for the crème de la crème of mountain sport adventure racing, Teva presents the GNC Ultimate Mountain Challenge—and yes, it's as grueling as it sounds.

If you're not into watching world-class athletes flex their biceps and shred some gnar, well, there is still a ton to see and do. This year, Teva Mountain Games includes a mountain photography competition, adventure film school, film festival, an interactive exhibition and demo area, live music (headliner Xavier Rudd) and, of course, mountain lifestyle parties. 

Thanks, Dan! Check back on Monday for Dan's recap of this weekend's happenings.

Below: Practice runs on the kayaking course; standup paddling demo pool. All photos by Dan Holz.

A practice run on the kayaking course

Standup paddling demo pool

Posted on at 6:52 PM

Tagged: Bouldering, Cycling, Running, Teva Mountain Games, dogs and kayaking

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A Dub

These pics are great! Where can we see more?

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Great work Dan! Keep it up!


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