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Bike to Work Day: Does It Inspire You?

Today is National Bike to Work Day in most areas, a feel-good day of busy bike trails and happy, if a bit sweaty, commuters. Did you ride in today?

Here at REI headquarters in Kent, Wash., Bike to Work Day is a pretty big deal. Employees were encouraged to participate both in the day's ride and the month-long commuter challenge. On Bike to Work Day itself, employees who checked in got a free breakfast, an energy bar, the chance to win a raffle and even minor bike adjustments, if needed.

The buzz was all positive, and the smiles were contagious. There were tales of 30-plus mile commutes (one way!) and daunting hills. One employee (pictured below) even brought his 2 sons with him on a cool tandem bike with a trailer bike attached. How fun is that?

Tandem bike plus trailer bike

Participation was strong, with roughly 140 REI employees riding in. (Our normally packed parking lot, by contrast, is about a third-empty. That's nice to see.) Our friendly bike tech, Dane, told me that minor derailleur adjustments were his most common repairs of the morning.

Bike repairs on Bike to Work Day

Of course, most of us still drive motorized vehicles to work, so does Bike to Work Day really make a difference?

I think so. Bike to Work Day certainly inspired me to give 2-wheeled commuting a try about 5 years ago. I'm still mostly a fair-weather, 3-season bike commuter, but my participation and comfort level has increased with each passing year. It just feels so much better to get a little fresh air and exercise twice a day. Road safety remains a concern of mine, but I've learned to be hyper-vigilant on the busy streets of my commute.

Have you ridden your bike to work or for errands lately? If so, how did it go?

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heart sierras

I did bike into work on Bike to Work Day. The problem with the bike route from my home to work is there is one dicey section with traffic. It's somewhat better in the morning commute, but quite awful in the evening. That is why I still stick to the bus with my work commute.

There is a bicyclist and pedestrian advocacy group starting up in our area and I plan to be involved with it, since I care about making my neighborhood more cyclist and ped friendly.

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