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Photographer Chase Jarvis Aces REI Photo Shoots

How does REI capture the ski and snowboard images that grace our stores, catalogs and website? We send crews off to fabulous locations like Telluride, Colorado, and make them hike, ski, snowboard and snowshoe in everything from 50-mph winds to bluebird sunny days.

If you've ever wanted to take a peek behind the scenes at one of REI's photo shoots, you're in luck because one of our freelance photographers, Chase Jarvis, blogged a day-by-day account of our recent winter shoot. It's quite a saga, involving wicked winds, just-in-time snowstorms, beautiful locations, talented athletes and even a mini helicopter (pictured).

Check out his blog, and then join Chase and REI's brand creative manager, Jason Sutherland, for a live Q&A about this challenging shoot and the real-world answers to the hard questions you can’t learn in photography books.

Who: You, photographer Chase Jarvis and REI’s Jason Sutherland
What: YOUR questions answered for 90 minutes
When: Wednesday, April 6 at 1pm Eastern time, 10am Pacific time (GMT -8)
Where: Visit

Please note that the best way to make sure you get your questions into the show is to ask them in the comments section of Chase's latest blog entry.

Below: Wilson Range, Colorado, at dawn. Photo by Chase Jarvis.

Wilson Range at sunrise 

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