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Grand Images from Norway's Skillful Watcher of the Skies

As the creator of mind-stretching outdoor videos, Norway's Terje Sorgjerd merits the title of Internet Sensation.

His riveting short films use time-lapse techniques to condense nature's gradual ebbs and flows into eye-popping marvels of motion and light. His revved-up portraits of the natural world are jaw-droppers.

The guess here is that many readers have already seen Sorgjerd work. We share examples here to include others who have not previously enjoyed the experience.

Sorgjerd's latest project, The Mountain, was filmed on or around Spain's tallest mountain, El Teide:

Next is The Aurora, which Sorgjerd filmed near the Norway/Russia border. "Temperatures around -25° Celsius (-13°F)," he says on his Vimeo site. "Good fun."

Sorgjerd hikes to find the spots where he plants his tripod. In interviews with NBC and Britain's Daily Mail he explains that the images seen in The Mountain were filmed on or near Spain's tallest mountain (El Teide) at "about 50 locations" over a 7-day period. He estimates that he got less than 12 hours of sleep during that span.

With so much camera gear to tote, Sorgjerd is not traveling ultralight. "I was a little bit surprised with the amount of equipment that I brought with me," he told NBC. "It made the hiking a little bit more strenuous that what it normally would be when I'm hiking." The images appear to be worth every extra kilogram.

Links of potential interest:

NBC interviews Sorgjerd about filming The Mountain and The Aurora. (Brace yourself for a commercial lead-in to both interviews.) Sorgjerd also discussed his still photography with, and he invites people to follow his efforts on his Facebook page.

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Tagged: El Teide, Norway, Photography, Spain, Terle Sorgjerd and aurora borealis

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