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Go Play Outside: Family Adventure Program Starts Today

Hi, I’m Early Squirrel, spokescritter for the REI Family Adventure Program. I’m twitching with excitement to be guest-posting here on the REI Blog, where we’re already squirreling away ideas for warm-weather family fun.

We’ve cached our best bets in the Family Adventure Program. It's a treasure trove of family-friendly games, puzzles, tips and activities to help you get the whole scurry (that’s squirrel for gang) outside together this summer. And it’s free!

Early explores outdoorsNot sure where to go? Check out the map of local hiking and bike trails.

Not sure what to do when you get there? Download an Adventure Journal chock-full of ideas and activities. Kids can log their discoveries there, complete a scavenger hunt and play lots of other games.

See? Easy.

You can also friend me on Facebook to share ideas, photos and tips with other families who love the outdoors.

See you there! 


Posted on at 1:51 PM

Tagged: Cycling, Hiking, families, family adventure program, kids and rei

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Little Miss Muffet

My kids love geo-caching! who doesn't love finding a hidden treasure!

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Early Squirrel

Ever wonder why squirrels don't carry credit cards?

Because we have plenty of cache!

Seriously, we squirrels have to be experts at hiding and then re-finding our food caches. But sometimes I need a little help from a GPS unit.

Check out the REI Expert Advice article on geocaching with kids:


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