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This Just In: Black Diamond Storm Headlamp at REI

What has 100 lumens, glows even if submerged and costs just $50? Your next headlamp, quite possibly. It's the new Black Diamond Storm, and it just arrived at REI stores this week.

What's cool about the much-anticipated Storm? Lots:

Black Diamond Storm in black• Max light output of 100 meters (with a beam distance of 70m). That's big power for a headlamp at this price.
• It's "fully waterproof," according to Black Diamond. The gasket-sealed casing carries an IPX-7 rating. (IXP is an engineer's measure of water resistance). IXP-7 means that product testing has shown the light can withstand water immersion at 1 meter (roughly 3 feet 3 inches) for 30 minutes without damage. So, if you frequently explore in wet or snowy conditions, this headlamp is worth considering.
• Two white-light power levels. It offers a main, high-power LED (estimated battery run time at 100 lumens: 50 hours) and 2 flat-surface "proximity" LEDs on either side of the main light. The flat-surface design permits a broader dispersal of light (up to 180 degrees) while in low-power proximity mode.
• Night vision preservation. You don't need to scroll through white light before activating the 2 red LEDs. To go directly to red light, press the on/off button steadily for 3 seconds.
• Dimming capability on the main light. Just steadily press the on/off button until you reach your desired level of light output.
• "Lock out" switch prevents accidental light activation when it's in your pack. To activate or deactivate, hold the main switch for about 6 seconds.
• Heat sink inside the casing collects any warmth generated by the circuit board and directs toward the batteries. The heat output is likely modest, but it's nevertheless a nice extra for cold conditions.
• White and red strobes.
• Regulated battery output; light output remains consistent during lifespan of batteries. Just realize that when the batteries are exhausted in a regulated light, they go from bright to blank in a split-second; no gradual dimming as they drain.
• Battery life indicator: Side slot on casing glows briefly orange when battery reserves are dwindling, red when they're low.
• Casing available in 3 colors: black plus high-vis orange and white.

If search of a downside, I notice the unit's weight. Equipped with 4 AAA batteries, the Storm weighs 4 oz. -- a touch weighty for low-weight purists. Plus, inserting batteries in the snug casing can be briefly vexing.

The Storm is a weather-defying version of the popular Black Diamond Spot, just with higher light output (100 lumens vs. 75) and an extra battery (4 AAA vs. 3).  Anticipate a chance of rain on your next trip? The new Storm is an option worth your consideration.

Posted on at 6:53 PM

Tagged: Black Diamond, Hiking, Spot, headlamp, lumens and storm

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Wow this seems to be a very useful product for those who have to work in the dark and can not hold a torch or lamp in their hands while working with both hands. The best part is that it is water-proof so those who have to go under water to find stuff or fix something can do it without any worry. Battery indicator adds to its plus – points.
Can we use <a href="">mobile</a> battery in it.

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