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President Obama Launches America's Great Outdoors Report

Yesterday marked a special milestone as President Obama launched the America’s Great Outdoors Report, developed from the recommendations of more than 10,000 participants who attended one of the more than 50 listening sessions held across the country last year. In his remarks, the President asked Americans, “What can we do to break free from the routine and reconnect with the world around us?”

The report recommends a vision that connects the health of the outdoors with the health of Americans and our economy. The President spoke to several of these recommendations, including the establishment of a new Conservation Service Corps and proposed funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

REI President and CEO Sally Jewell was honored to introduce President Obama, and she applauded him and the Administration for “its efforts to hold a national dialog on this critical topic.” Jewell shared, “We believe our communities are better when there are natural places nearby in which we can relax, rejuvenate and recreate.”

Read the transcript of the President’s remarks on America's Great Outdoors Initiative.

Learn more about REI’s efforts to introduce more Americans to nature.


Posted on at 12:15 PM

Tagged: America's Great Outdoors Initiative, President Obama, Sally Jewell, rei and stewardship

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Ryan TnT

Hey Bethany, Great post. We are big fans of the Great Outdoors Initiative. We launched a project a while back called Transit & Trails,, a tool to Find, Plan and Share trips outdoors via public transit. We have great data for the SF Bay Area, but have been working on other urban areas with good public transit, parks and open spaces like Seattle, Portland, etc. We are hoping to expand to many metro areas to help encourage folks to get out side without a car.
Check out are new iPhone App,

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Ryan TnT

Get in touch if you want to partner with us. We have been talking with local REI stores here in the Bay Area and are beginning to partner, but would be great to connect with the national REI folks.


This is disturbing that REI is partnering in this initiative. Does everyone know where this funding comes from--mineral extraction industries public land leases--oil and gas exploration and mining? So the faster the public lands can be leased and stripped of their natural beauty, the more money goes into this pool. What's wrong with this picture? I find it hard to believe that REI is a partner is such a devastation of our public land. Right now, some of the leases that are being pressed include removing our native people from their tribal Navajo land, as well as mining in Grand Canyon and right next to Bryce Canyon; much of our beautiful landscape which will lose it's natural beauty and culture as a result. I don't support this Great Outdoors Initiative, the leasing of our public lands to be devastated, and I certainly will choose to not shop REI in the future. (I have been a member for more than 20 years.)


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