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Happy Anniversary to Grand Canyon, Grand Teton and 2 Other Grand Places

Nice coincidence: Feb. 26 is the anniversary date of 4 outstanding National Park Service units, all established prior to 1930:

Grand Canyon National Park (established on this date in 1919; it absorbed what had been known as Grand Canyon National Monument, designated as such in 1908). You may spot a little snow in a corner of this webcam view from Yavapai Point.

Grand Teton NPGrand Teton National Park (est. 1929).

Mount McKinley National Park (est. 1917; incorporated into Denali National Park and Preserve in 1980).

Glacier Bay National Monument (est. 1925; incorporated into Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve in 1980).

Not a bad batch of anniversaries. As TV's Craig Ferguson (The Late Late Show) likes to say: It's a great day for America.

I visited the Tetons last summer and was reminded that I need to visit that place more often. What an impressive place. Which of these 4 destinations would you most like to visit on your next outdoor journey?

Posted on at 5:07 PM

Tagged: Denali, Glacier Bay, Grand Canyon, grand teton and national parks

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I exult with you, my brother!! I feel soooooo blesssed to be an American and to have access to these spectacular national natural treasures...the only one of the four that i haven't visited yet is Mt McKinley...did you visit the Chapel of the Transfiguration in Grand Teton? I only learned about it last week on a boat ride in Florida Bay, though I've been to Grand Teton four times and it's my alltime favorite of 156 units i've seen..

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