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National Park Service Freebie Days Announced for 2011

The National Park Service announced its 2011 schedule of entrance-fee-free days Tuesday:

• Jan. 15-17 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday weekend)
• April 16-24 (National Park Week)
• June 21 (first day of summer)
• Sept. 24 (Public Lands Day)
• Nov. 11-13 (Veterans Day weekend)

Parks that ordinarily change entrance fees will wave visitors through their gates on the dates above. Just keep in mind: While entrance fees are waived on the dates mentioned, other fees (such as camping, tours, concession, reservations) remain in place.

After offering 3 fee-free summer weekends in 2009 and 2 last year, June 21 is the lone summer freebie on the 2011 schedule. Still, any no-entrance-fee day is a nice treat.

Did you take advantage of NPS fee-free events in 2010? Do fee-free days impact your decision to visit a park or not? We'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

Posted on at 7:07 PM

Tagged: National Park Service, fee-free days and national parks

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heart sierras

I think I would actually avoid the fee-free days since the entrance fee is only $20 per car and I would assume the parks would be more crowded on those days. Still if this gives others incentive to enjoy the parks, then it's a good thing!

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Yes, I tend to agree with heart sierras and assume that the park would be more crowded on free days. But then again, if it's during the week when most people work perhaps it would make sense to visit on a free day.


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