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Which Ski Resort is Boasting the "Most Snow in the World?"

Currently, the deepest snow base reported at any ski resort worldwide is at (the envelope, please): Mammoth Mountain in California! This is a wonderful payoff for all of the recent stormy weather in the Golden State, and a fine note on which to end 2010.

Located in the eastern Sierra Nevada, Mammoth was recently hammered by storms that left a base of 220 inches (more than 18 feet!). This is the deepest total they’ve ever recorded in December. Their #1 standing is noted by which keeps track of snow totals worldwide. In addition, per this blog post, their 290 inches of total snowfall puts them well on their way to exceed their yearly average of 400 inches.

I’ve been to Mammoth many times, winter and summer, and I know it’s an outstanding place to play. Have you gotten up there lately? What’s your favorite part of the mountain?


Posted on at 1:47 PM

Tagged: Mammoth Mountain, Snowboarding, skiing and snow sports

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