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Update: REI Now Donates $50 to Local Nonprofits per Facebook Places Check-in

REI just made it easier to give back this holiday season.

You may recall that last month REI announced our participation in the launch of Facebook Deals, providing customers special promotions when using Facebook Places to check in to participating businesses. For REI, this meant supporting our local nonprofit partners—such as San Diego Coastkeeper and the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, to name a few—with an ongoing $1 donation for each check-in.

Beginning today, REI is increasing the amount of each donation to $50 per check-in. We have a goal of donating $100,000 and need your help to make it happen before the New Year.

To support a local outdoor nonprofit organization, follow the directions below. If you have already checked-in to your local REI, thanks for participating! Because individuals can only check-in once, be sure to tell your smartphone-equipped friends and family how they can help.

View the list of participating nonprofit organizations and partnering REI stores here.

Step 1: Find the Facebook Places icon on your phone through the Facebook for iPhone app or web site.

Facebook icons

Step 2: Click on the deal on the REI Places page.

Facebook deals

Step 3: Check in!



Posted on at 12:50 PM

Tagged: Deals, Facebook Places, REI Store, facebook, nonprofit and rei

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jcolman Staff Member

Wow - that's fantastic news!

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Sweet, though I guess my smartphone is too old as I don't have a places icon when accessing


Best hiking boots in town! Planning to come to workshops in 2011.


Hi Bethany - I'm trying to check in to the Sacramento store to contribute to the Truckee Donner Land Trust (I live in Truckee). I don't see the REI program, maybe because I'm too far out of range - but I'd dearly like to contribute to them. Is there anything I can do (other than driving down I-80 in a snowstorm)?


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