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Thought of the Day: Falling Snow

It's a good day to start to unclench those teeth. Lean back. Exhale. And dream of snow falling in fun places.

To encourage that state of mind, we share with you a nice winter photo essay of Yosemite National Park by Los Angeles Times photographer Mark Boster and another fine short film, this one devoted to snow, created by a friend of The REI Blog, Yosemite videographer Steven Bumgardner.

Snow, by the way, is abundant in Yosemite right now. The Badger Pass ski area and the ice skating rink in Curry Village, concessionaire-operated commercial businesses, are both open. See page 5 of the park's activity guide (which takes some time to download) for a list of Yosemite's winter programs.

Enjoy the gifts of winter, everyone.


Posted on at 8:50 PM

Tagged: Snow, Steven Bumgardner, Yosemite and Yosemite Steve

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Yeah that's pretty but I just spent 5 hours shoveling snow so gonna take some time for my teeth to unclench.

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