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Shopping for a Snowboard? Our New Video Explains the Basics

A new snowboard is a big purchase, so whether you're shopping for yourself or buying a gift, you'll want to check out REI's new Expert Advice video on the topic. This how-to video gives you the basics on snowboard shapes, camber, riding styles and stance.

See our How to Choose a Snowboard Expert Advice article for a complete overview.


Posted on at 2:47 PM

Tagged: Expert Advice, Snowboarding, rei, snow sports, snowboards and winter sports

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Directional and directional twin boards don't necessarily have a stiffer tail. What defines them is their set back stance. So you have the insert packs set back .5 to 2 inches which gives the board a longer nose/shorter tail. Directional twins usually have a single radial side cut. Directional boards have a progressive side cut to go with the set back stance.

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