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Most Awesome Sports Cam Videos of 2010

Seems like everyone’s mounting high-def cameras to their heads these days, and the footage of first-person POV outdoor acrobatics keeps piling up.

Check out this reel of 2010 highlights from GoPro. The ultra-crisp, HD clips gave a bunch of us here at the office a vicarious adrenaline rush today. Maybe it’ll inspire you get out there and make some mindbending vids of your own in the New Year. What do you say?

Have a look. Have some fun. And stay sane out there.

Posted on at 11:36 AM

Tagged: GoPro, Snowboarding, adrenaline, camera, skiing, surfing and video

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I got a GoPro for Christmas from my awesome wife. I can't wait to break it out up at Breckenridge this winter! And then record my MTB wrecks this spring.

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