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REI's Paean to the Snow Gods: the Twinkie Roast

Savvy skiers and snowboarders know the old adage to “think snow” is not enough to guarantee a long season of deep pow. You need to take action.

That’s why it has become a tradition at REI headquarters and at many REI stores to appease the higher snowmaking powers with a simple offering: the Twinkie Roast. While this annual fall event doesn't always foretell ample snowfall, we believe it's the best strategy short of cloud seeding. And it's a lot of fun, too.

Do you have a special snowmaking dance or other strategy for this winter?

Here is how this year’s Twinkie Roast event at REI headquarters in Kent, Washington, turned out:

REI emcee kicks off the roast

Ben, our event emcee, with the official Hostess Twinkie at his side.

 Twinkies a roastin'

Twinkies roasting now leads to more snow later.

Twinkie mid-flight 

A Twinkie captured mid-air during the launching contest.

REI snowsports team

The REI snowsports team, from left: Ben, Linda (the REI Twinkie), Barrett and Kelly.

Posted on at 10:25 AM

Tagged: Snowboarding, Twinkie Roast, Winter, rei and skiing

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Don't forget, REI Berkeley staff started this tradition in the late 70's!

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