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Entrance Fees Waived at National Parks on Veteran's Day

The final freebie on the 2010 National Park Service calendar arrives Thursday. On Nov. 11, Veteran's Day, no entrance fees will be charged at more than 100 units of the National Park Service system that ordinarily collect such fees.

The timing of this no-fee day (midweek in late autumn) may be less than ideal for many people, but we get the symbolism of the gesture and share in the desire to express appreciation to America's military personnel. Thanks to all of our servicemen and servicewomen everywhere.

So maybe you live in Tucson. Nearby Saguaro National Park is free to visitors on Thursday. Live in Los Angeles? Sneak out for some bouldering at Joshua Tree National Park. Spending time in Las Vegas? Take a break from the glitz and make a day trip to Zion or Death Valley, each just a few hours away.

Be aware: While entrance fees are waived, other fees remain in place, including campground fees, reservation fees, tours and fee-based services offered by concessionaires.

The National Park Service system includes 393 units, from national historic sites (77, such as Alabama's Tuskegee Airmen site) to national memorials (28) such as Mt. Rushmore to national military parks (9) such as Gettysburg. (Note: The 3 sites mentioned here are fee-free year-round.)

The Huffington Post recently trotted out a list of 15 parks its editors speculate people would not recognize as National Park Service units. Take a peek and see if any of them come as a surprise to you.

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Tagged: Saguaro, death valley, entrance fees, joshua tree, national parks and zion

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You're wrong about Mt. Rushmore being fee-free. In fact, even if you have that National Parks Pass you still have to pay to get in!

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