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Outdoor Love Train

Outdoor fun, as this sweet little video demonstrates, can be refreshingly simple. If you live in New York City and fair weather beckons, here's how you can get to the Appalachian Trail using just muscle power and public transportation. So inviting, and no car needed.

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy offers a handy online resource for accessing the trail via trains, buses and airplanes.

We can envision some REI shoppers following this video's breadcrumbs next fall, when REI opens its first store in Manhattan. You'll be able to find REI in the historic Puck Building at the corner of East Houston and Lafayette in SoHo. Just last Friday (Oct. 8) REI opened its newest store, its 113th, in Norwalk, Conn., itself not too far from the AT. More great motivation to get outside and see what nature has to share.

Posted on at 11:45 PM

Tagged: Appalachian Trail Conservancy, REI Manhattan, REI Norwalk, appalachian trail and public transportation

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One great thing about this part of the AT is that if you plan it right, you can hit a deli for lunch everyday for about a week. About 3/4's of a mile east of this picture I had a great pastrami sandwich, ice cold soda, and of course a snickers.

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