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Fall Photography: It's a Great Time to Click a Pic

Fall casts nature in especially photogenic light, so it seems fitting to cite a few websites where nature photography takes center stage:

Blueberry trio; by Ted Evans, Birch Hill Studio• The National Park Service announced the winners of its 7th annual National Natural Landmarks photo contest. The NPS administers a registry of 586 natural landmarks, from the Barringer Meteor Crater in Arizona (the largest impact crater yet discovered in the United States, caused 50,000 or so years ago by a hunk of rock weighing several hundred thousand tons) to the Giant City Geological Area in Illinois, site of some nice climbing opportunities on huge, joint-bounded sandstone blocks. Also on display: Fall foliage from xeric oak woodlands and acres of sugar maple. Learn more about all 586 NNLs.

• Photographer Michael Frye offers some tips for shooting fall colors in Yosemite National Park.

Astral campsite; by Ted Evans, Birch Hill Studio• Photographer Q.T. Luong, who got some face time in the National Parks documentary by Ken Burns, offers a terrific assortment of fall images captured in many national parks.

• I had the good fortune to have an aspiring nature photographer, Ted Evans (of Birch Hill Studio in Seattle, where wedding photography is the specialty), in my group on a recent hike in Washington's Pasayten Wilderness. A couple of Ted's shots (a trio of blueberries; our astral campsite) are displayed in this post. Ted took the panoramic shot below at the site of the former Devils Dome lookout, with guidebook author Craig Romano (right) and me admiring the late afternoon view. A good memory.

• Got some outdoor pictures you'd like to share with the world? Drop them into REI's community photo gallery. We'd love to take a look.

Posted on at 9:51 PM

Tagged: Barringer Meteor Crater, Giant City Geological Area, Michael Frye, National Natural Landmarks, Photography, Q.T. Luong and Ted Evans

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Terry, thanks for the shout out. I wish I had heard about the National Landmarks Photo contest, guess I should follow your blog more often. Again, what a wonderful trip that was, you really flew up those climbs.

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