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      Fall Is Coming: What Insulated Jacket Will You Be Wearing?

      Down, synthetic or fleece? The best insulator depends on where you go and what you do.

      If you’re in the market for a new jacket this fall, first take a look at REI’s latest Expert Advice article: How to Choose Insulated Outerwear. This article by our own T.D. Wood is one of more than 350 educational articles and videos in our Expert Advice library.

      Tips in the article include the pros and cons of goose down (still your warmest choice if it’s kept dry), synthetic fills such as PrimaLoft (best for wet conditions) and the many variations of fleece, including new styles made of natural fleece (a.k.a. wool).

      On a related note, check out our new video and article on Layering, the 3-layer clothing concept that’s a time-tested favorite among outdoor adventurers.

      Knowledge is power, and we hope you find these articles helpful to make the right shopping decisions.

      Posted on at 8:11 PM

      Tagged: Expert Advice, PrimaLoft, down, fleece, insulated outerwear, jackets and rei

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      Climb Blondie

      I'll be sporting my new cute TNF Apex Bionic softshell I found at REI at a fantastic price. It's already been broken in on a recent backpacking trip up Mount Mitchell in the rain, 40-50 MPH wind in low 40 degree temps and it kept me nice and toasty. Thanks REI!

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