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Stand Up Paddleboarding: Growing Sport or Mood-altering Drug?

Posted on at 5:50 PM

Tagged: SUP, paddleboarding and stand up paddleboarding

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Jason Fitz

The only way to do it consistently is to stumble out of bed at such an early hour that you don't have the mental capacity to talk yourself out of what you're doing or about to do. At that point the hardest thing becomes getting out of bed. To make this a little easier, I recommend preparing the night before. Get everything you need in your car, for instance, I put my surfboard, wetsuit and towel in my car before I go to bed. This process not only makes it easier to get out of bed (you know you don't have to really do anything but get up) but also ensures you don't forget something whilst subject to a pre-dawn induced zombie-like stupor. I also go as far as to have my clothes folded and set out next to my bed, so all I have to do is stumble into them, grab a banana and roll out!!
Now I'm not sure if I am anything like you, but it seems the longer I wait into the day, the less likely I am to get out and do something. I argue that my prescribed method is the most appropriate fix for such mid-day malaise. I find that despite my initial exhaustion upon waking, afterward I am able to carry on throughout the day with more energy, more focus, less coffee and a bigger smile!

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KellyH Staff Member

Jason, thanks for the excellent tips. I, too, sometimes lay out clothes the night before. Especially on days when I'm biking to work. But I'm not so organized as to fold them--they go in a pile near the door. I hear you about earlier-in-the day exercise = less coffee! I've been caffeine-free for 28 days and counting! --Kelly


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