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REI in the News: Co-op Featured in New Book on Design and Innovation

Available on bookshelves next month, Design Is How It Works: How the Smartest Companies Turn Products into Icons by Jay Greene features REI as one of eight companies that incorporates “design thinking” into its business strategies. On his website, Greene explains, “Design is more than just making a product pretty – it’s what makes customers loyal.” The co-op is profiled alongside other design companies including Porsche, Nike, LEGO, OXO, Clif Bar, Ace Hotels and Virgin Atlantic.

For those interested in a sneak peek, the Seattle Times recently featured a portion of the co-op’s chapter at REI: Taking Design to New Heights. Additional information about the author and book is available at

Posted on at 1:54 PM

Tagged: Jay Greene, Seattle Times, books, design and rei

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