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Freebie Alert: No Entrance Fees at National Parks Aug. 14-15

Save a dime, see a park: National parks that ordinarily charge an entrance fee will open their gates for free Aug. 14-15. The no-fee weekend includes Grand Canyon, Yosemite and other major destinations as well as lesser-known venues such as Theodore Roosevelt's birthplace in New York.
While entrance fees are waived, other fees remain in place, including campground fees, reservation fees, tours and fee-based services offered by concessionaires. More than 100 parks that regularly charge entrance fees are participating in this free weekend, the lone summer fee-free weekend offered in 2010.
Parks were accessible without a fee April 17-25 (National Park Week) and June 5-6. Two other fee-free events are scheduled for this fall:
• Sept. 25 (Public Lands Day)
• Nov. 11 (Veteran's Day)


(Note: This content is a modified version of a report on fee-free weekends that was originally posted on June 1.)


(Photo: Park Avenue, Arches National Park. By T.D. Wood)


Posted on at 11:23 PM

Tagged: fees and national parks

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I called to get information on the Gateway Arch since the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial was listed as taking part in the no fee weekend. I was told that only a $3 discount would be taken off the fee of the tram and the fee for the movie. That's not the definition of "no fee".


Oh come on!

Just get an annual pass that lets you into all national parks. It helps pay for the park services. Be a good sport. Support our national parks.


since I'm now at the senior age ( 62 + ) I was able to purchase the America The Beautiful Pass, which gets me into any National park for free, for life.One of the perks of getting older.If you're younger and travel into the parks three or more times a year ,the parks pass is worth buying. No restrictions to entrance during the year, so enjoy.


The key word here is ENTRANCE fee, not the other fees. We need to support our national treasures. They are losing a lot of revenue on these weekends.


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