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REI Welcomes Anderson Award Recipients

This week marks one of my favorite employee events of the year: REI’s Anderson Awards.

Named for our founders, Lloyd and Mary Anderson, Anderson Award winners have been recognized by their peers as REI employees who truly embody the values of the co-op. Exactly 141 recipients with representatives from each store, our two distribution centers and headquarters will gather to celebrate with their peers, learn more about the co-op and visit some of the Pacific Northwest’s best natural playgrounds.

The highlight of the week will be a visit from Mary Anderson, who at 100-years-young will share with award recipients her inspiring and humorous stories from REI’s long history. Each employee is also honored with an engraved brick that is placed in a path at REI headquarters in Kent, Wash.

Not only is it inspiring to be in the presence of our co-founder, it's also a pleasure to be surrounded by such passionate employees with varying backgrounds from across the country. Congratulations to all of this year's recipients!

For more information on how REI recognizes its employees and current job opportunities, visit the Jobs section.

Posted on at 12:17 PM

Tagged: Anderson Awards, Mary Anderson, employees and rei

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Congratulations to Joji Kojima and George Hedley from the REI Berkeley store for being Anderson Award Recipients. - GoldenKazie

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