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Mount St. Helens: 30 Years Later

May 18, 2010, marks the 30th anniversary of the eruption of Mount St. Helens in southwest Washington state, roughly 50 miles northeast of Portland, Ore. As described in this USA Today article, the 30 years following the blast has been a boon to scientific understanding on how an ecosystem can recover from a devastating act of nature.

I first explored the aftermath of the eruption on a day-hiking visit to the monument in 1984 and in recent years have made an annual pilgrimage to the national monument to marvel at its steady recovery and uncommonly beautiful landscapes. I am most impressed by the abundant wildflowers that dominate the higher elevations of the St. Helens environs, particularly lupine, one of the early plants to take hold and flourish in a recovering landscape.

Seattle NBC affiliate KING-TV offered a substantial library archival video to commemorate the anniversary of the blast.

If you have visited Mount St. Helens (and some day evrey outdoor-loving person should), what’s the most enduring memory you took home with you?

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Tagged: Mt. St. Helens, national monuments and volcanoes

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Went camping several years ago down at St. Helens. The hike we did is still one of my favorities as the scenery was just outstanding.

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