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Where Will You Go Next?

Where next? Friends often ask me for suggestions when planning their next adventure travel vacation. Travel trends are always changing and the best choices largely depend on a traveler’s personal interests and schedule. Are you looking for world-class hiking with spectacular views? A trip that incorporates a variety of different muscle-powered activities? Your favorite activity combined with cultural immersion? Perhaps you just want to get away for the weekend for a change of scenery and dose of inspiration? 

The opportunities to get out and explore our planet are almost endless but some time spent researching and thinking about what inspires you the most will always pay off when you finally hit the road!

Here are the most popular trips that REI members are choosing in 2010…

Great hiking, big views:
Everest Base Camp Trek
Machu Picchu Lodge Trek
Tour du Mont Blanc

Multisport adventures:
Belize Glover’s Reef & Mayan Caves Multisport
Croatia Multisport

Cultural interest:
Laos & Cambodia Adventure
Prague to Budapest Cycling

Family Adventures:
Amazon Basin & Galapagos Islands Family Adventure

San Juan Islands Weekend Kayaking
Yellowstone Backpacking

What’s on your adventure travel destination list for 2010 and beyond?

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This year my summer adventure includes working in Grand Teton National Park and enjoying all the area has to offer! Can't wait!!!

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I'm checking out Peurto Rico and the caving scene:)


This year I've booked (3) camping trips to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. I'll also do a couple of short (3 or 4 days) backpacking trips along the Appalachian Trail in Virginia.

Here's something I'd love some advice on...

Since I discovered the beauty of Shenandoah National Park a few years ago, it's been my go-to place for camping every year. The Big Meadows campground has a number of walk-to sites, that have a lot of privacy and they're deep into the woods. The Big Meadows campground also has great showers, and a nice lodge with a restaurant and bar. Plus, the park itself has an amazing amount of hiking trails. Even when the campgrounds are completely full, it isn't difficult to find a great trail with few or no people on it. So this is all great, but -- it has made me afraid to go camping in new places! I'm worried that I'll book an extended weekend at a new campsite, only to find that the campgrounds offer zero privacy and the trails are over crowded. My main thing is having privacy at the camp site. I can't stand being twenty feet away from a neighboring camper, with just a couple of small trees or bushes between us.

Any advice on how to find a great campground, whether it be part of a local, state, or national park? I'd also consider a private campground. Of course the best option would be backpacking -- but I enjoy taking my family camping with me, and they're still at the point where they need access to running water. :)

Thanks, everyone!
Baltimore, Maryland


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