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Sally Jewell Speaks on Both Coasts on Behalf of the Outdoors

REI’s President and CEO Sally Jewell began this week by participating in Fortune’s Brainstorm GREEN, where she discussed how much can be achieved when companies collaborate and work together on sustainability. Held in Southern California, the conference speakers included executives from Ford Motor Co., WalMart, Google, Dell, Starbucks and many other organizations. She also led a morning hike with conference participants.

Sally ended her busy week by speaking today at the White House’s conference on America’s Great Outdoors.  Sally participated on a panel that discussed how to better connect people to our public lands.

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar served as the moderator of the panel, and other panelists included New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson; Gary Myers, former executive director of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency; Bill Cronon, University of Madison-Wisconsin geography and history professor; and Ernesto Pepito, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy youth program manager.

In her comments which followed President Obama, Sally identified changing demographics, urbanization, technology and climate change as trends that present opportunities and challenges to getting more people using and caring about our public lands. She stressed the importance of mobilizing the work of non-profits and public servants that are already conserving the outdoors and engaging the youth of America.

Ernesto Pepito brought a distinctive and welcome perspective to the panel, as he pointed out the need to include people under 30 in the conversation. He reminded the attendees that for long-term solutions, we cannot forget who we are restoring lands for.

We will add a link to the video from the lively panel discussion once the White House makes it available. Our official press release regarding the conference is available in our newsroom.

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