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Iceland: the Land of Fire and Ice

All of us here at REI Adventures have been keeping a close watch on the volcanic activity in Iceland. We’ve always known Iceland as the land of “Fire and Ice” (hence the name of our trip), and the volcano eruption certainly validated that. We love Iceland because it is truly an adventurer’s playground. It is filled with bubbling mud pools, bursting geysers, glaciers, magnificent waterfalls and, as the world now knows, active volcanoes.

Our trip coordinator in Iceland sent us these amazing photos. As for our trips to Iceland beginning this summer, we don’t anticipate any dramatic interruptions or changes to our scheduled itinerary…except maybe an added point of interest.

Posted on at 6:53 PM

Tagged: Hiking, Iceland, REI Adventures, Travel, fire and ice and volcanoes

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I go in iceland 2 week this summer for my pleasure and for taking picture for my outdoor image bank. Unfortunately the volcano near of Fimmvörðuháls has no more activity since the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull / Eyjafjoll and for the moment it is under a restricted area who cover all the Eyjafjallajökull glacier and the Myrdalsjökull glacier.

We have planed to do the trek Landmannalaugar / Thorsmork but Thorsmork is covered by this restricted area also.

here a link to the official map :æði%20Eyjafjallajökull%202010%281%29.pdf

The things can change rapidly to a better situation or maybe not, it's good to have a B plan. The north part of the Iceland is very beautiful too with falls and fjords and Wildlife, there are a lot of hike for one day or for many.

There are too many options for outdoor lovers in iceland :)

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