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Favorite Photo Ops

The other day, a group of us at REI Adventures were talking about some of our favorite trip images. So that made me wonder, what are some of our most photogenic destinations? I posed this question to Abbo, our online content manager. He sees photographs from REI Adventures trips all over the world which are submitted by our travelers, guides and employees. Abbo is quite an accomplished photographer himself, so he knows a good picture when he sees one.

Here’s what he had to say about some of our most photogenic destinations: "To me, 'photogenic' is really a state of mind or point of view. To one person, it might be grand vistas or big mountains. To another, it might be interesting faces or cultural experiences. To another, it might be architectural details or closeups of flowers. For example, the Swiss Alps for classic alpine vistas, the Galapagos Islands for close-up animal encounters, Nepal for iconic big mountains, the American Southwest for unique landscapes close to home and Belize for crystal-clear blue waters and skies."

Abbo thinks one of the most joyful parts of traveling is taking pictures with the curiosity and wonder of a child. “Look around and have an open mind,” he says. More importantly, “Look with your eyes and your heart. Have fun and enjoy yourself because that’s what makes a destination truly photogenic.” Well said, Abbo.

I agree with the list of trips above, but I'd add one more: Machu Picchu. How about you? Do you have a favorite place that inspires you to take photo after photo?

Posted on at 2:31 PM

Tagged: Galapagos Islands, Photography, REI Adventures, Southwest, Swiss Alps, Travel, belize, machu picchu and nepal

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Simeon Margolis

despite the tourist trap it has become, i'd have to agree Manchu Picchu is one of those places where you have to try to get a bad photo...

another favorite South American spot besides Patagonia for photos is the tepui mountain ranges in southern Venezuela.

ok, now i have to go outside and take some shots of something....!

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