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A Geocaching Milestone: One Million Active Geocache Listings

Wow, recently announced that it has published its 1 millionth active geocache listing worldwide. This is pretty amazing for an activity that’s all of 10 years old, and whose 500,000th geocache was published just over 2 years ago!

If you are unfamiliar with geocaching, it is best described as a high-tech treasure hunt. Geocachers use a GPS receiver or GPS-enabled mobile device to locate hidden caches of small trinkets. Caches can be hidden in local parks, wilderness areas, beaches, mountaintops—you name it. It’s a family-friendly activity which involves the finding—and replacing of—the fun trinkets and "travel bugs" found inside the cache. The activity is akin to a couple of navigation-oriented sports that I regularly enjoy—orienteering and a local (Seattle area) urban variation of this called Street Scrambles.

Geocaching now claims more than 3 million high-tech treasure hunters in more than 150 countries. Our own Steve Wood of the REI Outdoor School is a leading geocaching proponent in the San Francisco Bay Area. Read Steve’s geocaching Q&A or check out the REI Expert Advice article and video on how to go geocaching for more information.

Steve T.

Posted on at 12:22 PM

Tagged: GPS, Geocaching and family adventures

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Northwest Native

Wow! That IS cool news, Steve! Also timely -- I'm heading to the REI - Southcenter store this week to pick up an Apisphere Geomate Jr. for the kid's 13th birthday. Though I think I'm really getting it for myself... ;-)

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sharika Staff Member

Haha! I just bought a GPS for my daughter's birthday at the Tacoma store. She will like it I'm sure, but I KNOW I am super excited! Summer vacation plans - taken care of.


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