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        Fun Gift Ideas from the REI Toy Department

        zombie-bowlingLast week we rolled out a list of food items we think would make dandy gifts. This time we rummage around for gift ideas inside the ol’ REI toy box to find more than a dozen fun diversions for the whole family. ...

        Posted by T.D. Wood on December 11, 2012 1:00 PM & Tagged gifts and toys | permalink | Comments

        A Peek Inside the REI Toy Chest

        fileThis post really is all fun and games, offering a look at some at the outdoor-minded toys and stocking-stuffer trinkets that a number of REI colleagues tell me are proving popular with gift-givers this season: CARDS Angry Birds Card Game (photo at bottom): Now you can play the game at 10,000 feet without draining your phone's battery. The stocking stuffer of the year, perhaps? Pass the Pigs: Pig Party Edition: The more the piggier; up to 4 can play this version of the crazily popular card game ...

        Posted by T.D. Wood on December 6, 2011 4:32 PM & Tagged card games, games, gifts, gizmos, kids, puzzles and toys | permalink | Comments

        The Fun Zone: Toys with an Outdoor Touch

        fileREI often gets described as a toy store for outdoor-loving adults. It's so true. But what about kids? Like me, you might be amazed to see how many toys for kids REI carries. Realizing that some people are still scrambling to fill all the checkboxes on their gift lists, here's a little sampler of fun things for kids available at REI: LEGO flashlights: The LEGO Torch Flashlight series offers LEGO figures with an LED light in each leg. LEDs put out no heat, so parents need not worry about hot ...

        Posted by T.D. Wood on December 21, 2010 3:01 PM & Tagged Bananagrams, Chuckit!, Djubi, Eurosled, GeoPalz, LEGO, flying discs, kites, rei and toys | permalink | Comments

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