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        What Electronics Do You Bring Camping?

        fileYou may have seen this new Google ad for their Nexus 7 tablet. It shows a father and son using their tablet as a tool to enhance their camping experience. The video cleverly points out the advantages of having technology be an integral part of our lives—even during a backyard campout. We're guessing dad had a decent WiFi connection here, something that may be beyond the reach of many campground campers and most backcountry travelers. What technology do you bring along on your camping trips? ...

        Posted by Steve T on July 27, 2012 1:12 PM & Tagged Nexus 7, camping, tablets and technology | permalink | Comments

        Have You Been Caught Unprepared Outside?

        fileA recent article in the Sunday New York Times shared a much too-often occurrence happening in our public lands—people venturing off into natural places without the knowledge or skill to take care of themselves.  Some eye-opening examples: placing babies on wild animals for pictures, attempting to climb mountains without provisions (water, food, clothing, etc), or doing activities with the assumption that technology will help you. Unfortunately, many people have an unrealistic understanding of ...

        Posted by RebeccaB on September 3, 2010 12:29 PM & Tagged GPS, REI Outdoor School, emergency locator beacon and technology | permalink | Comments

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