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    Who Are Your Favorite Hiking Companions?

    fileWith whom do you most like to hike? For some of us, it's a friend, spouse or partner. Others bring a four-legged pal. Still others prefer the camaraderie of a group. The REI Blog's T.D. Wood recently hiked with one such group, the Boeing StressHikers. They are a small cadre of Seattle-area Boeing employees who hike after work once per week, every spring through fall, in good weather or bad. Check out T.D.'s Seattle Times article that celebrates the Boeing StressHikers 25-year anniversary of ...

    Posted by Steve T on July 7, 2011 3:45 PM & Tagged Boeing StressHikers, Hiking, REI Adventures, REI Outdoor School, Seattle Times and hiking clubs | permalink | Comments

    REI in the News: Co-op Featured in New Book on Design and Innovation

    fileAvailable on bookshelves next month, Design Is How It Works: How the Smartest Companies Turn Products into Icons by Jay Greene features REI as one of eight companies that incorporates “design thinking” into its business strategies. On his website, Greene explains, “Design is more than just making a product pretty – it’s what makes customers loyal.” The co-op is profiled alongside other design companies including Porsche, Nike, LEGO, OXO, Clif Bar, Ace Hotels and Virgin Atlantic. For those ...

    Posted by Bethany H on July 27, 2010 1:54 PM & Tagged Jay Greene, Seattle Times, books, design and rei | permalink | Comments

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