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    A Bike Nerd's Recap of the 2011 Interbike Show

    fileSummarizing Interbike is difficult. It's a gigantic trade show for the bike industry, yes, but it's also a chaotic sensory-overload of bike-related "yay!" and radness that sends the bike-loving mind into a state of shock, want and amusement. Aside from the trade show aspect, Interbike is a place where seeing someone walk (or sometimes ride) through a casino with an uber-expensive carbon bike is commonplace. Where watching a guy kitted out in full spandex, helmet, shaved legs and road shoes clop ...

    Posted by Keith E. on September 26, 2011 1:02 PM & Tagged CrossVegas, Cyclocross, Dirt Demo, Gotham, Interbike, Jaunt, Novara, bicycle, bike fashion and power meter | permalink | Comments

    Interbike: Impressions from Day 2

    fileIt'd be fair to say that Day 1 was characterized by madly dashing around the show floor, letting first impressions and spastic "Oooh, shiny!" impulses guide the way. As such, I took Day 2 a bit slower, looking at the smaller, easily-passed-by booths and checking out the little details missed the day before. So with that, day 2 impressions: • The innards of internally-geared hubs are rad, especially since I'm able to check out the workings of the new Alfine rear hub and then walk over and see ...

    Posted by Keith E. on September 24, 2010 6:55 PM & Tagged Cycling, Interbike, bicycle, knickers, snow bikes and wool | permalink | Comments

    Interbike: Impressions from Day 1

    fileI swear I've heard Frankie Valli crooning "It's too good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you ... " in the elevator every time I've ridden it. Maybe my timing is just right, but for the moment let's just pretend it's fitting for my can't-take-eyes-off-of-bikes relationship with Interbike. Cool? Sweet. Moving on ... some quick impressions: • e-bikes are definitely gaining momentum. It seemed as though nearly every turn revealed another booth with some sort of electric-assist iteration. • It ...

    Posted by Keith E. on September 23, 2010 1:38 PM & Tagged Cycling, Interbike, bicycle and convention | permalink | Comments

    REI Debuts New and Updated Novara Bikes for 2011

    fileJust in from the Interbike show in Las Vegas: REI’s announces that new urban, road and mountain bikes will highlight its updated 2011 Novara bike offerings. Novara is REI’s exclusive bike brand (with 5 of them in my garage, I should know), and Interbike is the traditional launching ground for each year’s models. Here’s a sneak peek at the all-new bike models:   E.T.A. ($799): An urban bike built to cover distance. Features SRAM X5 shifters, a rear derailleur and Shimano crankset with 27 speeds. ...

    Posted by Steve T on September 22, 2010 4:24 PM & Tagged 29er, Buzz One, Cycling, E.T.A., Interbike, Matador 29, Novara, Verita, bicycle, mountain bike, road bike and urban bike | permalink | Comments

    Interbike DemoDays: Adventures in Desert Riding

    While I think I've managed to dispose of all the sand and salt from riding in the desert in 100-degree temps, I know with certainty that my "bikes I want to own" list has grown on the order of... at least 6. But my own shopping list isn't the point. The point is that in the span of 2 days, I was able to ride nearly every type of bike or bike component I dreamed of: from massive downhill rigs to full-suspension 29ers (on the shopping list for sure) to belt-driven bikes to fat-tire sand/snow ...

    Posted by Keith E. on September 22, 2010 1:09 PM & Tagged 29er, Cycling, DemoDays, Interbike, bicycle, carbon, e-bike, electric bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes | permalink | Comments

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