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    What's the Best Gift to Spur Scientific Curiosity in Kids? Try Some Time Outdoors

    fileWant to turn your kids into future Einsteins? Here's a tip: Take 'em out for a hike. A USA Today article published Tuesday (Dec. 13) discussed ways to spark scientific curiosity and creativity in children. While listing toys that can reinforce that objective, reporter Liz Szabo also quoted parents and educators who stressed the importance of getting children outdoors and acquainting them with the natural world. Susan Niebur, an astrophysicist and mother of 2, says the most important thing ...

    Posted by T.D. Wood on December 21, 2011 12:49 PM & Tagged Hiking, gifts, headlamps, kids and science | permalink | Comments

    Don't Keep Me in the Dark: The Top Grilling Tool

    Just in time for Father’s Day, it’s Bon Appetit magazine to the rescue.  Columnist Andrew Knowlton, aka the Foodist, confirms:  Headlamps aren’t just for camping, caving, mining and skiing any more. Scoffing at superfluous grilling gear in the mag's July issue, Knowlton names his must-have tool: a headlamp. After one too many salmonella scares in the dark, I couldn’t agree more—and it’s fun to have a shout-out from the foodie sector.  Whether you’re grilling at home or heading farther afield ...

    Posted by KellyH on June 18, 2010 7:32 PM & Tagged Father's Day, Grilling and headlamps | permalink | Comments

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