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    This Just In (at REI): DeLorme inReach Satellite Communicator

    fileIs it a communication device that offers peace of mind to backcountry visitors, or is it a wilderness-tainting tool created by The Dark Side? Most off-the-grid explorers, I'm guessing, will take the cheerier view and welcome the arrival of the DeLorme inReach Satellite Communicator, just now reaching many REI stores and A big attention-getter when it was previewed at the summer Outdoor Retailer trade show in August, the inReach device is noteworthy because: • It is the first satellite ...

    Posted by T.D. Wood on November 25, 2011 5:57 PM & Tagged DeLorme, Spot and inReach | permalink | Comments

    Summer Outdoor Retailer Show: Products for Fall and 2012 Hit the Runway

    fileOf the thousands of items being paraded down the new-product catwalk at the summer Outdoor Retailer trade show here in Salt Lake City, none may elicit a bigger wow this year than the DeLorme inReach satellite communicator. Why it impresses: The inReach device, available Oct. 1 (estimated price: $249.95), enables 2-way text communication from virtually any spot on the globe. Only a satellite telephone (pricey, chunky, weighty) can match its 2-way communication capabilities when an information ...

    Posted by T.D. Wood on August 4, 2011 8:04 PM & Tagged DeLorme, Outdoor Retailer and Point 65 kayaks | permalink | Comments

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