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    Bike Commuting: It's a Gas, Gas, Gas (Saver)

    fileCould high gas prices persuade you to become a bike commuter? A USA Today article published last week examined some tactics being used by a cross-section of U.S. commuters to counter rising gasoline prices. Two of the people interviewed mentioned that cycling was part of their cost-saving strategy, an approach that includes the bonus of fitting exercise into a busy lifestyle. How about you? With weather turning nicer as gas prices head higher, are you more motivated to give bike commuting a ...

    Posted by T.D. Wood on April 2, 2012 4:15 PM & Tagged Cycling, REI Expert Advice, bike commuting, commuting and gas prices | permalink | Comments

    Reasons for Riding a Bike: What Are Yours?

    fileLast week, during my afternoon bike commute home, I met a guy on the trail. He was riding home as well and, as we got to chatting, I asked him how long he’d been riding. He replied that it’d only been about a year. This led me to ask him what got him started. “Diabetes,” was his reply. He explained how he’d been diagnosed and given one prescription for the diabetes and another prescription to counteract the unpleasant side-effects of the first prescription. He told me that he didn't want to ...

    Posted by Keith E. on July 12, 2010 6:30 PM & Tagged Cycling, bicycle and commuting | permalink | Comments

    Bikes Belong Creates More Bicycle Friendly Communities

    At the National Bike Summit in Washington, D.C. last week, Bikes Belong announced grants to five grassroots groups committed to establishing Bicycle Friendly Communities. Through partnerships with REI and the League of American Bicyclists, the REI Bicycle Friendly Communities grant program supports non-profits that are working with local governments and planning departments to make urban areas safer and more welcoming to cyclists. This year’s recipients include Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota ...

    Posted by Bethany H on April 1, 2010 2:16 PM & Tagged Cycling, commuting and grants | permalink | Comments

    "We want a cycling revolution..."

    Last year I tried out the Green Bike Project here in Seattle and learned a couple things. A) Cycling to work is definitely rewarding B) Cycling to work can be really intimidating. Seattle consistently ranks as one of the best cycling cities, so I can't imagine how hard it might be to commute through some of the "less-friendly" cycling cities (huge kudos to those of you that do!). Because of my experiences I've tried to stay tuned into what positive momentum is being generated for those that ...

    Posted by KG_old_2 on March 18, 2010 12:24 PM & Tagged Cycling and commuting | permalink | Comments

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