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    REI CarniVelo Recap: What about Bicycles Makes You Smile?

    fileAnother year, another bit of bicycle awesome rocked here on REI's headquarters campus in Kent, Wash., as our CarniVelo event popped (big) tops for its 3rd year running. A big focus was on bike advocacy, with 3 of our regional bike groups represented—Bicycle Alliance of Washington, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and Cascade Bicycle Club—each talking up their advocacy efforts, membership offerings and generally demonstrating their awesomeness as people. Chapeau! A DJ kept the heads bobbin' and ...

    Posted by Keith E. on August 2, 2011 2:03 PM & Tagged CarniVelo, Novara, bicycle, bike commuting, bike culture and rei | permalink | Comments

    CarniVelo Recap: For the Love of the Bicycle

    fileWow. So I may have to reassess my thoughts on Bike to Work Day being the best day of the year. CarniVelo has the definite potential to usurp that spot (don’t worry, BtWD, I still love you!). So what was all this CarniVelo business? Basically, it was an event organized and sponsored by Novara (our bike brand) here at REI headquarters in Kent, Wash., to highlight and celebrate the great love of bikes, riding bikes and pretty much anything else related to bikes. Novara also had their new 2011 ...

    Posted by Keith E. on July 30, 2010 7:00 PM & Tagged CarniVelo, Cycling, bicycle and bike culture | permalink | Comments

    Novara Bikes Preview

    fileA couple weeks ago, I got an early look at some of REI's new 2011 Novara bikes as the first samples were unboxed and built. The bikes will make an informal splash later today at our 2nd annual CarniVelo: A Celebration of Bike Culture employee event here at REI headquarters campus. Aside from Bike to Work Day, CarniVelo may be my next favorite day of the year. Even though it’s only in its second year, it’s evolving quickly into a giant spinning wheel of spectacular-ness. I mean, you can’t go ...

    Posted by Keith E. on July 29, 2010 2:51 PM & Tagged CarniVelo, Cycling, Novara, bicycle and rei | permalink | Comments

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