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    Treating Snakebite: Keep It Simple

    If one believes any of the lore on treating snakebites, then you have a bewildering number of options. Should I pack the limb in ice or apply ice only on the bite? Should I use a stun gun or jumper cables from my car battery to run electricity through the bite? Perhaps I should slather it with meat tenderizer, use a tourniquet, hope my special black rock absorbs venom or resort to incision and suction, a la John Wayne in the film True Grit.  If you believe the credible medical advice, as I do, ...

    Posted by Tod at WMI on July 29, 2010 8:20 PM & Tagged NOLS, WMI, backcountry, first aid, rattlesnake, snakebite, wilderness medical institute and wilderness medicine | permalink | Comments

    Wilderness First Aid Training: Now at an REI Near You

    I've spent years trying to explain what wilderness medicine is and what it isn't. In its simplest form, wilderness medicine is simply medicine performed in specific circumstances often involving extended patient contact, challenging environmental conditions and limited supplies. It does not include radical medical techniques performed on the side of K2 or understanding of how to use indigenous plants as medical therapies. It is much simpler than that. A broken bone is a broken bone whether you ...

    Posted by Shana_WMI on July 15, 2010 11:49 AM & Tagged NOLS, WMI, backcountry, first aid, wilderness medical institute and wilderness medicine | permalink | Comments

    Backcountry Camping in National Parks Rises in 2009

    fileIt's nice to see I had a little company in the backcountry last year.  Statistics released by the National Park Service show that backcountry camping grew 2009, attracting the highest number of overnight stays since 2002. Way to backpack, everyone. The figures for the past 10 years: Year    Backcountry campers 2009    1,860,162 2008    1,797,912 2007    1,704,059 2006    1,659,484 2005    1,668,558 2004    1,725,309 2003    1,816,088 2002    1,906,473 2001    2,032,886 2000    1,935,276 ...

    Posted by T.D. Wood on March 16, 2010 4:14 PM & Tagged backcountry, backpacking and national parks | permalink | Comments

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