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    An Author's Tips on Getting Babies (and You) Outdoors

    file“It should be OK to wander in the woods for a bit with no plan whatsoever.” That’s the adventurous view of Jennifer Aist, author of the book Babes in the Woods and the mother of 4 kids in Anchorage, Alaska. The REI Blog asked Jen, who recently led a class on this topic at the REI Issaquah, Wash., store, for her thoughts on changing America’s increasingly structured, indoor culture—one child at a time. Q: What prompted you to write the Babes in the Woods book? A: I wrote the book to encourage ...

    Posted by Steve T on October 15, 2010 7:28 PM & Tagged Hiking, babes in the woods, books, camping, jennifer aist and kids | permalink | Comments

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