Festival Camping Checklist

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tents at a festival

Editor's note: This article was published prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you need to travel, check the CDC FAQ page about COVID-19 risks for travelers, which provides the latest guidance. For information about outdoor activities wherever you go (close to home is best), read Recreate Responsibly: An Activity-Specific Guide.

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Festival Essentials

  • Tickets
  • Map and directions to the festival
  • Map of the festival grounds
  • Concert schedule
  • Tent marker (flag, balloons, lights, etc.)
  • Lock for your tent

In and Around Camp

Inside the Festival

Check festival regulations ahead of time for rules about what you can bring inside the music area.

Clothing and Footwear

If chilly nights are possible, come prepared.


For more options, see our Camp Kitchen Checklist.


For more options, see our Camp Kitchen Checklist.

  • Coffee, tea, cocoa, milk (powdered or fresh)
  • Bottled, canned beverages
  • Butter, margarine, cooking oil, spray
  • Salt, pepper, spices
  • Jelly, jam
  • Bread, bagels
  • Breakfast food (oatmeal, pancake mix, syrup)
  • Prepared or freeze-dried meals
  • Energy food and snacks
  • Fruit (dried and fresh)
  • Vegetables
  • S'mores, dessert

Personal Items

Tip: To more easily locate gear, keep similar items together in a mesh or clear stuff sack.

Fun Stuff

Browse Games and Toys for more ideas.

  • Paperbacks or e-Books
  • Playing cards
  • Rolling ice cream maker
  • Hula hoops
  • Glow sticks
  • Puzzles (crosswords, etc.)
  • Flying discs
  • Board games
  • Electronic toys
  • Beach balls
  • Bubbles
  • Star chart, night-sky identifier
  • Bikes with accessories (check festival regulations to see if bikes are allowed)

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