the long way south - chapter 1

Take a page out of the four friends' travelogue and head out on a summer adventure that's one for the books. Not sure where to start? We've got you.

Summer is the season of yes. Yes to sun-soaked days outside. Yes to long weekends and campfire-smoke perfume. Yes to...1,600 miles on the Baja Peninsula?

Stocking up on last minute provisions in San DiegoBaja Map
Stocking up on last-minute provisions in San Diego, Cassie, Luz, Adriana and Karen are ready to start the long drive through Baja. Photo by Carina Skrobecki.

Meet four real REI members: Luz Lituma and Adriana Garcia, co-founders of LatinXHikers; Karen Ramos, founder of Get Out, Stay Out; and their friend Cassie Sager.

When REI invited Luz, Adriana, Karen and Cassie on an epic trip through Mexico for an early dose of summer, we got a resounding yes. Follow them through two weeks of canyons, cacti, beach camping and cats. Then start scheming up your own summer odyssey.

Adriana Garcia
Adriana Garcia
“I think I'm most excited to explore the volcano.”
REI member since 2017
Cassie Sager
Cassie Sager
“This trip will change my life and open the door to new experiences.
REI member since 2017
Karen Ramos
Karen Ramos
“What fills you with awe? What kinds of things leave you astounded?”
REI member since 2014
Luz Lituma
Luz Lituma
“I'm down for trying new things, always.”
REI member since 2016

Adventures on the Baja Peninsula

Check out what happens when you send four friends on a 15-day road trip through Mexico.

Four must-haves for any road trip

Navigation tools

Map, GPS system, or both. Consider the potential for lack of signal and the general trickiness of international cell service.


Having an extra jug of water on hand is always a good idea. You never know when you (or your car) will overheat.

First aid

Be prepared for those unexpected scrapes, scratches and sunburns.

Downloaded playlists

Download your playlists to prevent “no service, no tunes” syndrome.

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“Our first day on the road seemed like a dream...”
– Adriana

The best street food on the planet.

If you're a fan of fresh seafood, don’t miss La Guerrerense, a tostada stand in Ensenada that Anthony Bourdain named the“best street food on the planet.” We enthusiastically second that review.

Do’s and don’t’s: road trip edition

After two weeks on the back roads of Baja,
the four women have some tips up their sleeves.


Pack empty bags for trash and wet clothes.


Bring multiple phone charging cables. These little suckers always seem to disappear when you most need them.


Pack a journal. You never know when you'll want to jot something down.


Leave perishable foods in the car—always check under the seats!


Overpack. Yes, you can rewear that pair of pants for the seventh day in a row.


Overplan. Leave a day (or two or three) to just relax.

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Wild Ideas Worth Living with LatinXHikers and Get Out, Stay Out

Karen and Adriana are dedicated to increasing diversity and representation in the outdoors.
Learn more about the amazing work they’re doing with their organizations: LatinXHikers and Get Out, Stay Out.

Ready, set, plan your own trip

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