Take It From Allen Lim


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Allen has always enjoyed tinkering. As a kid, he’d concoct interesting recipes using traditional Chinese ingredients. As an adult, he’s concocting food and sports drinks for athletes through his business, Skratch Labs. His goal is to create food and drinks that taste great and are made from real ingredients so active people feel their best when training and competing.

In this episode of Take It From Me, Giselle, the mountaineer you met in episode four, interviews Allen about how he came up with Skratch Labs, and the hurdles he had to jump to get there. Through multiple career changes and a setback that nearly stopped him in his tracks, Allen has persisted and has something pretty cool to show for it.

Allen Lim at his apartment before his interview with Giselle.

Allen Lim at his apartment before his interview with Giselle.

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