Take It From Giselle Cesin


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Giselle will climb mountains, no matter what obstacles stand in her way. From heart surgery to an unexpected accident while climbing, she’s faced a number of challenges that could have stopped her from summiting mountains. None of them did. She’s dedicated to climbing some of the tallest peaks around the world and her hard work and determination has paid off. In 2015 she was the first Venezuelan woman to summit Denali. From Venezuelan news anchor to dedicated mountaineer, Giselle has a story that’s an inspiration to anyone, no matter your passion.

In this episode of Take It From Me, Sarah, the artist we met in episode three, interviews Giselle while they take a hike in the Colorado mountains. Giselle shares her journey of becoming a mountaineer and chasing down her dream, despite all of the obstacles.

Take It From Me Podcast

Giselle at the top of Mt. Audobon, 27 days after her accident.

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