How to Stay Warm with #NeckSwag

It’s winter time. You know it, we know it, and your neck definitely knows it.

Skiing, cycling, and running are all fun until that one sneaky breeze sets its target on your exposed neck. It’s the chink in your cool-weather armor, and today we want help you cover it–with style, with swag.

Say hello to #neckswag.


The #neckswag family is diverse. You’ve got your scarves, your thermal tubes, your balaclavas. All this variety comes in a range of colors, names (see the Helmetclava Balaclava) and even recommended climates (Seirus Polar scarf, anyone?)  The chameleon of the #neckswag family is the Buff®.

Let’s talk versatility. Here are 6 of our favorite little-known Buff® styles:

1. Friendship Bracelet Buff®


2. It’s F-F-F-REEEZING Buff®


3. May or May Not Be Smiling Buff®

Sneaky Ninja Buff

4. 3-Legged Race Buff®

3-Legged Race Buff

5. Am I Doing this Right? Buff®

Am I Doing this Right? Buff

6. Alpine Sleep Mask Buff®

Alpine Sleep Mask Buff

Let’s talk conversation starter.

-“Does my beard cover my Buff® too much?”

-“Is it just me or does Emily’s Buff® make her look taller?”

-“The future called. It wants its #neckswag style back.”

Fitness Time

As you look forward to more cold adventures this season, it’s time to look from a new perspective. A warmer perspective. Don’t put your naked neck out in the elements without the #neckswag it deserves.

We’d love to see your #neckswag, so feel free to share your photos and add the hashtag to all your previous, current, or future outside adventures! Shop REI’s range of #neckswag.

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