Take It From Phil Taylor


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Phil Taylor is a PhD scientist turned farmer and sustainable agriculture advocate. From spending all of his hours studying to spending all of his hours farming, Phil made the decision to change his career and focus on what he was most passionate about: being an advocate for a more ecological and vibrant food system. Through his organization Mad Agriculture, Phil is building a community of people looking to improve the quality of food production in this country.

In this episode of Take It From Me, Brendan, the ultrarunner you met in episode one, interviews Phil on a small, Colorado farm. Brendan and Phil talk about the importance of paying attention to what they eat, and how creating a career outside led them to their happiest lives. Listen to this episode to learn more about the work Phil is doing to change the food industry.

Brendan and Phil on the farm

Phil Taylor and Brendan Leonard discuss food sustainability on a Colorado farm.

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