Take It From Brendan Leonard


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Brendan Leonard hates running. Which is why it was surprising when he signed up for a 100-mile race with his best friend. Not only did he figure out how to run 100 miles, he made a documentary film about it. When Brendan isn’t running he’s a writer, illustrator, adventurer and a believer in living a life outdoors. He encourages people to spend more time doing things they love, going to places that make them feel small and remembering to laugh at themselves.

In the premiere episode of REI’s Take It From Me podcast, Brendan is interviewed by host Nick Mott while they run a Colorado trail together. Brendan and Nick talk about what convinced Brendan to sign up for a 100-mile race even though running is low on his list of passions. Brendan outlines what it takes to complete an ultramarathon, and what people can do to prepare (hint: eat a lot). If you want to learn more about Brendan and his love/hate relationship with running, watch his new documentary about running 100 miles with his best friend.

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